Thursday, 11 January 2018

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With  for philosophy,

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Religion's purpose is to provide a recipe for an ethical way of living, independently on how this is labelled...

Religion's purpose is to provide the recipe
for an ethical way of living in this life
with the hope that will continue
into the other life, if that exists.
Its a philosophy to guide our lives
to keep us on the right track.

This is the main purpose of every religion
independently from how that is called or marketed into the wider public.

Whether the pavlova recipe is written by Nigella or Jamie or Mary Berry,
it does not really matter as far as the result is concerned as the result is a pavlova anyway.
In other words, whether the recipe is called Christianity or Buddhism or Taoism,
it does not really matter as those serve the same purpose.

However, people forgot the purpose of the latter
turning religion
into one of the most complicated political games.

With  for philosophy,

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Empathy can be only understood when found in our personal programming code...

Empathy can only be achieved
if the similar experiences, whether those are positive or negative
have been experienced by the people that these trying to be communicated.

Its like giving instructions to a computer language such as SQL.
If the instructions are not already found in the compiler,
SQL will not be able to recognise those and will bring an error.
If SQL is asked to select the variable joy and that does not exist in the tbl_experiences,
then an error will pop up as this variable will not be able to be identified or related.

What ever we experience in life positive or negative,
this constructs our own programming code.

If we experienced a certain type of joy
such as the birth of a baby or giving affection to our pets,
this then will be inserted in our experiences repository.

If we experienced a certain type of sadness,
such as the loss of a loved one or failing an exam,
this then will be inserted in our experiences repository.

We can relate to other individuals
if only and only if,
those experienced the same items 
and have those built in their personal programming code.

With  for philosophy,

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The world is the ultimate reflection of ourselves...

From the moment that we are born,
our inner world is exposed
to internal forces
that are always fighting against each other
in the internal battle of the good vs evil.

This battle governs our life on the whole.
The ultimate aim is to achieve balance and inner harmony.
And to accept that evil will always be there so as good.

The same battles coexist in the groups that we are part of
our family, our society, our country, our world...

When will this world find it's harmony?
When each individual will find his/her own personal harmony.
It's each individual's obligation and responsibility to do so.
By improving ourselves, we can improve the word.

With  for philosophy,

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Self discovery does not require travelling that far after all...

 N.B. In order to truly understand and/or feel the above, its a prerequisite to have lived in other country or place than your hometown... 

With  for philosophy,

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