Monday, 29 June 2015

Our life begins as a blank canvas

Throughout the steps of our lives, we are told how to draw a house, a flower, a family, the sun, the sky, the nature... This need of learning the stereotypes of the society that we live in as well as the need for expression exists in every single culture throughout the first steps of humanity and the first steps of the human life...

Drawing is one of the first activities that we all engage as little persons and is something inherent in all the educational programs. We are taught basic principles on how to synthesize our blank canvas, by using different materials, ideas, concepts...The techniques will teach us what is being accepted to be the stereotypical reality such us "The sun is run and yellow", "The standard house has a window, a door and a roof"

The artistic skills evolve when
* observing the world around us, the tones, the shapes, the dimensional relationships...
* practicing, practice makes perfect they say
* experimenting, when combining different techniques, materials, ideas
* engaging those techniques and by adding a touch from ourselves we make them ours

Our life begins as a blank canvas... Our parents, our teachers, our surrounding environment taught us how to apply the first strokes on the canvas... and this is how our masterpiece begins...

Each experience in life, good or bad, each effort, each achievement, each drawback, are just another stroke on the canvas of our life. We are the owners and the creators of this canvas. We can let the strokes that other people put on our canvas to be part of our piece of art or we can transform them or just hide them with something that is more acceptable to us. A not so inspirational day or phase of our life will add it's stigma on our masterpiece. We are able accept that not every stroke is meant to be perfect and to learn from it, let go and move on eventually improving the not so good strokes... Our masterpiece is on ongoing progress...

It's in our own hands to evolve the canvas of our lives as we like it to be in order to transmit it into a masterpiece.

* The observation was there to increase our understanding and assist us to create our own technique our own reality.
* The practice was there to let us make mistakes and learn from them.
* The experimentation was there to find what is acceptable to us and to reach what we perceive to be perfect.
* The techniques were there to guide us to find our own style of expression and not to restrict us.

Everyone is destined to create his/her own masterpiece. It all starts with following some principles and then it evolves to finding our self expression. The principles are there to guide us or to make us realise which principles we are against for and why. This is how we can create the authenticity. But authenticity, takes time to unfold as well as years of practice to become established as a well acknowledged artist. We don't always have the power to control every stoke put on canvas but we will have the power to fix it eventually and make our own masterpiece. It's only our decision how our life canvas will evolve and whether we will let restrictions to push us to make something wonderful or let them restrict us to create something less wonderful of what we are ultimately capable of creating.

With  for philosophy,

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